If you’re an unlucky customer of a local gym or store that doesn’t carry U RAWk Raw Energy Bars, you’ll be glad to know that your luck is about to change.

Our commitment is to make your favorite products available where you shop! This is why U RAWk is teaming up with more stores and gyms than ever before. All we need is your help filling out the form!. All we need for you to do is fill out the form below and ask us to visit your local store or gym. if you're the first person to recommend a specific store or gym, you will be rewarded with a free box of 12 Raw Energy Bars, of your choice, the moment they place their first order.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Tell us about your local store or gym: Be sure to provide information about the facility and its location. Please include the name of the manager or business owner.
  2. Tell us about you: Since there may be more than one of you requesting us to visit the same establishment, please be sure to provide us with your most recent contact information so that we can reach you as soon as your recommended store or gym places its first order.
  3. Pick your favorite U RAWk Raw Energy Bar: Choose your favorite flavor or mix any two flavors for your free box of 12 bars.

It’s that easy! And just for filling out the form, you’ll always receive our very best specials first—our way to help bring U RAWk Raw Energy Bars to your community. (But remember, only the first person per gym or store will receive a free box, so act now!)

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The sales process can sometimes takes weeks and even months. We will do our best to identify the referring customer on a timely manner, however we will not be held liable for human error. This offer may not be combined with any other offer. Offer may end at anytime. For questions, please write to us at