Isabel Gallego, Founder of U RAWk Energy Inc.    

Isabel Gallego is a Florida native with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Florida International University. She also holds fitness certificates from both the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA). In every sense of the word, Isabel is an All-American health and fitness advocate.

But her passion for biology, chemistry and fitness didn’t really take on deeper meaning until her pet companion became deathly ill. Isabel felt compelled to help, and it was here that all her childhood and adult interests in medicine and exercise took a very real form.  As she began to search for organic and raw products that could ease the suffering of her loving pet, she discovered the power of the foods we eat and how we eat them.

Fast-forward to today and Isabel is spearheading U RAWk Energy Inc., a brand revered by athletes in the Crossfit community and others alike. U RAWk raw energy bars are possibly the best tasting, raw energy bars on the market. They are uniquely 100% raw (uncooked) bars made out of the best quality super foods and organic products available in the market.

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